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Supporting parents and families to thrive. 

"Family is the most important thing in the world." - Princess Diana

Parents with Child

Parent Well-being Workshops and Programs

Parents are the biggest influences in children's lives! 

In today's world filled with digital distractions and uncertainty, parents are increasingly time poor, disengaged and stressed out.

Parent well-being can be prioritised to enable them to be their best self both personally, professionally and be present for their children. 

We work with government organisations, community groups, schools and local councils to deliver workshops for families.

Our interactive parent workshops are designed to inspire parents with skills and strategies to optimise personal well-being and positively influence their families in taking care of their health, well-being and the world around us.

Jeff and Esmee share their insights and experiences as parents of 3 children and supporting each member of the family to thrive. 

In our Parent Workshops, each parent will receive a journal to accompany the meaningful reflections activity we do based on our 3Cs to a thriving family framework.

Have you ever sat down to reflect on what truly matters - your family's values, or be intentional in the way you connect, communicate and support each other as a family?

A FOCUS on our family well-being enable us to be happier, more engaged, focused,  leading us to have improved relationships, success, purposeful and fulfilled lives. 


Our 3Cs to a thriving family framework inspires and educates parents and families with tools to cultivate connected, healthier and happier families.


Culture - identifying the values we share as a family, the way we connect, the energy in our family unit, and role modelling what we stand for.

Collaboration - supporting each other in meeting our needs and achieving our goals. 

Communication - how, what, when and where we positively communicate as a family. ​

It is a heartfelt and meaningful experience for parents to reflect on their parenting journey and how they would like to bring up their family.​

Optimal relationship and connection as a family will create a positive impact on other areas of our lives - studies, work, sports, our life satisfaction and self-confidence. 


As parents, our role is to equip our children with skills to lead positive and healthy lives, improve the lives of others and leave the world a better place than when we found it.​

Let's celebrate connected, healthy and happy families! 

We are launching our family well-being online course in early 2024. Limited places available - register your interest now here. 

Testimonials from Parents

My biggest takeaway is prioritising self-care and taking the conscious decision to plan my day.  Jeff showed us that we are all suffering from the same things and that with a few changes, we can improve our family life. Esmee was very well spoken presenter who was talking with us, not above us. Thank you for an inspiring parent workshop.

It's great to hear especially from a male about mental health and help break stigma. I am looking forward to slowing down and take up my favourite sport again.

I am grateful Jeff shared his personal story which was so relatable. Esmee was so well-spoken and encouraging. This workshop came at the perfect time - teaching us to slow down and focus on what's most important.

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