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Esmee Ng
Chief Well-being Officer
Mum . Author . Runner . Mental Health and Well-being Advocate. Entrepreneur

Named as a Wellbeing Professional and Top 20 LinkedIn Voices 2020, I share my influence with our global community on health and well-being, self-care and parenting strategies. LinkedIn Top Voices 2020: Australia | LinkedIn


I'm blessed to have taught over 1000+ children across diverse communities in Western Australia. 

I'm a mother of 3 beautiful children aged between 2 - 16, and a health and well-being enthusiast! 

I've trialed and tested to find ways of leading my best health and maintaining a balanced lifestyle with my family. Now I want to teach you to do the same! 


I am passionate about inspiring families to lead their best lives through optimal health and wellbeing.  

How you might say? 

For children - In a world filled with technology usage and abundance of junk foods, I'm empowered to bring play, creativity and connectedness back into children's lives, educating them about cultivating strong values and making positive everyday choices which will benefit them well into adulthood. 

What do I teach?

Key fundamentals that enable children to develop self-awareness of taking care of their health, safety, well-being and the world.

Topics ranging from healthy eating, physical activity, mindfulness, kindness, sustainability practices, social impact and protective behaviour education.

For families - In a world filled with distractions, constant change and uncertainly, many parents are feeling stressed and burnt out. I'm inspired to bring the basics back into parents lives, inspiring them about making positive small habits, every day. These include: self-care, regular physical activity, sleep, making good food choices, spending time with those we adore - all of which contribute to our levels of well-being and happiness.



Health . Well-being . Nature . Play

As a mother myself, I am conscious of bringing play and curiosity into educating my children. Away from electronic devices, developing everyday key skills and core values, connecting with each other and spending time out in nature. 

Nature is our best teacher! 

I am an advocate for teaching children from a young age to develop healthy habits, and self-awareness of themselves and the world around them. 

Children will grow into self-confident, self-aware, empathetic and curious selves. Our children are our potential future leaders and we as parents and educators have a responsibility to give them the best start to life! 

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