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Supporting the well-being of Educators and Leaders to thrive in your organisation.


Early Childhood Educators play a pivotal role within a childcare service. A strong sense of well-being provides educators with a sense of belonging, value and purpose to deliver the important work they do with children, families and our community. Positive well-being also enables educators with the ability to deal with the many challenges that are faced each day.  


We work with Educators to provide them with positive psychology strategies to improve personal and work well-being, helping them bring their best selves forward, create a positive and collaborative culture for everyone to thrive. 

Healthy and happy educators have the ability to nurture healthy and happy children. 

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Employees | Leaders

Our people and leaders are the most important resource in our organisations.


Investing in our people to bring out the best in them can lead to greater collaboration, innovation and results, delivering increased impact in our community.


Our THRIVE well-being workshops empowers employees and leaders with positive psychology tools to improve their physical, mental, social and emotional well-being. Healthy and happy employees can have tremendous impact on an organisation's performance and profitability.  This has been successfully delivered to TAFE lecturers, government leaders and early childhood educators. 

Our Positive Leadership workshops provide positive psychology tools and techniques to inspire leaders in bringing forward their best selves, lead with their strengths and create a strong positive culture. 

We can provide practical strategies to improve employee well-being, engagement, productivity, create a positive workplace culture and supporting your team to thrive.

Client Testimonials

How our programs have made a positive impact.

Esmee delivered an inspiring and thought-provoking presentation. Change can be made, we just need to consider how to make it.

Exective Director at Public Sector Commission

We have loved the support Esmee and her team have provided to our team not just the inspirational resource to grow as early childhood educators, but as women, friends, mentors, colleagues, mothers and daughters.

Manager at Sparrow Early Learning

Esmee is a wonderful presenter, her voice is so relaxing, and the well-being workshop she delivered for my team was just what we needed.

Director at Education & Care Regulatory Unit - Department of Communities

Esmee is kind and knowledgeable. She delivered the seminars brilliantly and shared great insights and information to improve our well-being. I was reminded that "I" matter and my well-being is paramount.

Early Childhood Educator

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