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Our Impact

The small differences we have made collectively.

Mindful Me Program for
early childhood children

This extensive health and well-being program has positively impacted over 1,500 early childhood children in diverse communities across Western Australia. It focuses on empowering children with practical strategies to take care of themselves, others and our environment.

Wellness for
Employees and Leaders

We have made a positive impact to over 1,000 employees and leaders across government and corporations in Australia. 


Our projects together empowered employees and leaders to prioritise self-care to bring their best selves forward to lead with positive influence.


Our positive leadership techniques were adopted to increase employee engagement, well-being and connection, increasing the impact these organisations are making in our community.

Family Well-being

We have worked extensively with over 100 families across Australia to create connected, healthier and happier families, supporting each member of the family to thrive.

"Family is the most important thing in the world" - Princess Diana 

Our valued partnerships

Collaborative partnerships to support the health and well-being of children, families, educators and professionals.

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Department of Communities


Sparrow Early Learning


Curtin University




Treasured Tots Early Education


Leeming Child Care Centre


Australian Childcare Alliance WA



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South Lake Early Learning Centre


Murdoch University

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