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Nadine Tan


Nadine is a 6 year old author creating social impact based in Perth, Western Australia.


She has successfully published two children's books - "What's that THERE" and "Always Believe in Yourself". 


She started writing books at the age of 5 with her first book written during Christmas 2019, at a time her and her family witnessed the bushfire catastrophe across Australia. The heroic firefighters touched Nadine's heart. 


As Nadine is a fan of creativity and books, her parents encouraged her to write a book to raise funds for the firefighters working hard to save lives and homes.

50% of the profits from the sale of her first book, "What's that THERE?" will be donated to NSW Rural Fire Service brigades.


These brigades and communities are carefully chosen by Nadine as we wanted to contribute to those most in need. The funds will go directly to rural communities most impacted and in need of support and funding.

Here is a link to the NSW Rural Fire Service Facebook page for the amazing work they do:

Please support us in Nadine's writing journey, and in supporting those heroic firefighters in being recognised for their amazing efforts in keeping our communities safe. 

Thank you for your generosity.

Lisa, mum of 3

This is a simple and beautiful book and my children enjoyed the characters and the story. Well done Nadine!

Maggie Dent,

Parenting Specialist


Thank you for your little book. You have written a very sweet book and the drawings are beautiful. You have a wonderful future as a writer and I am sure my grand children will enjoy reading your book. All the very best in your journey as a writer and author. Just keep writing as I did as a little girl. Warmest hugs Maggie 

Anita, Singapore

What an incredible young author. Thank you for your inspiration to other children and teaching them to explore what's around them.

What's that THERE is written by a young author, Nadine Tan.
In this book, a little brother and big sister explores around them and finds different coloured things and wonder what they are. 
This carefully crafted children's book will inspire curiousity, imagination and wonder in children and encourage them to explore their environment and the world. 


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Always Believe in Yourself is written by a 6 year old Perth author, Nadine Tan.

This is her second book series followed by her successful release of "What's that THERE?". 


This book is about Nadine as a big sister, teaching her little brother Jeremy to always BELIEVE IN YOURSELF and keep on trying.


This carefully crafted children's book will inspire children with self- belief and confidence. 


Nadine has chosen to donate 50% of all profits from sale of this book to St Vinnies to support children in disadvantaged communities and allow them the opportunity to go to school with stationary and school uniform. 

Why St Vinnies? We were standing at the Elizabeth Quay train station in January 2020. We saw a billboard of a girl in ripped school uniform, looking frail and sad. Nadine wanted to know why this little girl looked sad and her mother explained there are children less privileged than we are. She immediately wanted to write a second book and give money to these underprivileged kids as she believes all children should have access to school uniform and school supplies.


Buy a copy of this book to support children in need and Nadine's journey as an aspiring child author. 


Thank you for your support and generosity.