Early Childhood Community Wellness Program

Image by Aleksandr Ledogorov

The aim of this program is specifically designed to support the early childhood community (educators, families and children) with education to be self-aware, and empowerment to create positive change to improve the wellbeing outcomes for all members of our community.


We understand the challenges of working in a childcare environment. This Early Childhood Community Wellness program provides early childhood services the educational resources to empower our educators in taking responsibility for maintaining and improving their well-being, both individually and collectively as a team. This translates into their ability to fulfill and excel in their roles as educators and carers for young children, providing them with a resilient and positive start to life.

The program also provides resources to make positive changes on optimising the well-being of children and families.


Well-being for parents is paramount for the principle commitment of raising healthy and positive children and their contribution to our community.


Well-being for educators is essential for a healthy, energised, engaged and positive workforce.


Well-being for children plays a significant role in enabling the feelings of safe, secure and connectedness and enhances their optimal growth and development.

Educators play a pivotal role within a childcare service. A strong sense of well-being provides educators with a sense of belonging, value and purpose to deliver the important work they do with children, families and colleagues. Positive well-being also enables educators with the ability to deal with the many challenges that are faced each day. 

“We hear you” resource on ACECQA website states:


When educators have a strong sense of well-being they are better equipped to:

  • Be responsive to every child’s needs

  • Develop rich, respectful relationships with each child

  • Encourage children to explore their environment and engage in play and learning

  • Develop a deeper understanding of each child, promoting their ability to plan extensions of children’s learning and development

  • Support children in development of confidence in their ability to express themselves, work through differences, engage in new experiences, and take on challenges in play and learning.

This is a 12 month program covering the 7 pillars of Wellbeing:

1. Physical Wellbeing

2. Mental Wellbeing

3. Social and community Wellbeing

4. Occupational wellbeing

5. Environmental wellbeing

6. Purposeful wellbeing

7. Financial wellbeing

Benefits of positive well-being in children:


  • Increased capacity to understand and self-regulate own feelings, and demonstrate empathy for others

  • Engage in positive relationships with families and friends

  • Positive view of themselves and feelings of belonging within the community

  • Improved confidence and willingness to try new things

  • Show enthusiasm in education, learning and play

  • Improved ability to engage with and support others

This program can be delivered face-to-face or online. 

Please contact us if you wish to receive a copy of our Early Childhood Community Wellness Program for consideration on how we can best support the well-being of your team, children and families.