Parent Workshops

Parents are the biggest influences in children's lives! 

In today's world, parents are increasingly time poor and stressed out.


Parent well-being should be prioritised to enable them to be their best self both personally, professionally and be there for their children. 

Our interactive 60 minute parent workshops are designed to inspire parents with skills and strategies to optimise personal well-being and positively influence their families in taking care of their health, well-being and the world around us.

Family well-being is about cultivating positive habits and leading a lifestyle that creates healthy, happy families! 

Pre and post workshop exercises, videos and resources are made available to enable effectiveness of creating meaningful change.


As parents, our role is to equip our children with skills to lead positive and healthy lives, improve the lives of others and leave the world a better place than when we found it.


Topics include: 

  • Physical and mental well-being

  • Self-care for parents and children

  • Healthy Eating as a family

  • Keeping active as a family

  • Mindfulness practices 

  • Kindness and Positivity

  • Sustainability Practices at Home

  • Protective Behaviour Education

  • Family connectedness and Values

Workshops are designed for communities and organisations with families, and are available in person and online.

Let us celebrate healthy and happy families!