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Start Healthy Education Digital Programs

Early Chidhood Service Managers: 


  • Are you able to access affordable high-quality incursions that extend past dance and sports?

  • Do your educators feel confident in delivering education in the following areas: Physical activity, Healthy eating, Sustainability practices, Protective Behaviours and Mindfulness?

  • Are you ‘Exceeding’ in all these areas?

  • Do you feel that your Incursion Provider doesn’t provide you with follow-up material to fully embed the program into your curriculum?



For a great cost, this course provides educators with the training to deliver a great program themselves – day in, day out. Not just the once a week or once a month your Incursion Provider is onsite.

 It enhances educational areas that educators are not typically strong in delivering.

It provides the educators with the tools and worksheets to deliver a high-quality program.

It provides the opportunities for deeper reflection, with child, family and educator critical reflection documentation. To consistently enhance and improve quality.



Miss Esmee has delivered quality Start Healthy Education Programs to over 1000+ early childhood children across diverse communities in Western Australia. 

The five fundamental principles and values in the program are: 

- Sustainability practices and protecting our planet

- Healthy Eating and making good food choices

- Exercise 

- Protective Behaviours Education (sexual and child abuse prevention)

- Mindfulness and Kindness

Gain exclusive lifetime access to Start Healthy Education Programs via a digital platform:

Receive and access to over 50 education lessons and activities taught in Miss Esmee's Start Healthy Education Programs including additional:

  • Monthly lesson plans for educators

  • Monthly videos and activities for children

  • Monthly resources for parents

The program is aligned with 'exceeding' themes of the National Quality Framework and Early Years Learning Framework. 

Cost: $200 per month

Online courses for Educators and Parents

Miss Esmee's online courses for Educators and Parents are designed to inspire and empower these key influencers in children's lives with skills, strategies, activities to cultivate independent, healthy, positive and confident children. 

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