Professional Development for Educators

Teacher and Kids in Library

Our two Professional Development programs offered are:

1. Early Childhood Community Wellness Program

2. Start Healthy Education Program for Educators


Early Childhood Community Wellness Program is a  6 and 12 month program that supports the well-being of everyone in your early childhood community of educators, children and families.

We work with your community in cultivating a culture of health and well-being in your early childhood service, which encourages everyone in your service to maximise health and well-being for themselves and others, your community and environment.

Australian Children's Education Care Quality Authority (ACECQA) website suggests that when educators sense of well-being are strong, they are better equipped to: 

  • Be responsive to every child’s needs

  • Develop rich, respectful relationships with each child

  • Encourage children to explore their environment and engage in play and learning

  • Develop a deeper understanding of each child, promoting their ability to plan extensions of children’s learning and development

  • Support children in development of confidence in their ability to express themselves, work through differences, engage in new experiences, and take on challenges in play and learning. 

Educators play a pivotal role within a childcare service. A strong sense of well-being provides educators with a sense of belonging, value and purpose to deliver the important work they do with children, families and colleagues. Positive well-being also enables educators with the ability to deal with the many challenges that are faced each day.

Prioritise the well-being of your educators TODAY and cultivate a mentally healthy workplace. 

The six pillars of well-being that we support educators, children and families through the program are: 

- Physical well-being

- Mental well-being

- Social and community well-being

- Occupational well-being

- Environmental well-being

- Purposeful well-being

Download the information pack on our Early Childhood Community Wellness Program. 





Early Childhood Community Wellness Program Information Pack


Sparrow Early Learning Canning Vale

We have loved the support Esmee and her team have provided to our team not just the inspirational resource to grow as early childhood educators, but as women, friends, mentors, colleagues, mothers and daughters. 

The health tips and fun learning activities with the children leave our little ones ready to embrace the healthy lifestyle.

Maria Carabetta

Sparrow Early Learning Hilton

Esmee is very inspiring with her positivity and passion for mental health and well-being! Esmee supported our service in embedding quality strategies into our everyday practices to support holistic ways to support our children which displayed signs of anxiety, sensory overloads and emotional distress through the pillars of well-being. I am so grateful for Esmee and all that she has done for our service.

Vikki Pashley

Sparrow Early Learning Thornlie

Everything has been perfect. Esmee gets the children and educators connected on the importance of well-being. Esmee has always been available to chat and providing us with more resources - very punctual and approachable too! 

Start Healthy Education Program for Educators equip educators with skills and strategies to develop and implement activities and resources tailored to the needs of the children at your childcare service or school to:

  • Cultivate strong values

  • Develop self-awareness of improving their health, well-being and safety

  • Demonstrate an awareness, care and appreciation for the world around them.

  • Strengthening social connections

Miss Esmee supports Educators with identifying areas to embed learning and practices consistently across the service, and Establishing Meaningful Engagement with Families which are both "Exceeding" themes within the National Quality Framework.  

Delivery of specialist skills include: 

  • Maintaining positive well-being for children

  • Leading a healthy lifestyle

  • Mindfulness Practices

  • Strong Core Values

  • Sustainability practices and protecting our world

  • Protective Behaviours Education

Both programs are available in person or online.