Start Healthy Education Program for Early Childhood Services

Children Meditating
These programs have been delivered  to over 1,200+ children across Western Australia in diverse communities.

Healthy habits developed from a young age are likely to last a lifetime. 

These highly regarded holistic health and well-being programs designed for early childhood services to educate and inspire children to develop strong values, and take responsibility for their health, well-being and the world around them. These include awareness of developing a healthy lifestyle, maintaining positive wellbeing, self-regulation of emotions, resilience, caring for themselves, others and our environment. 

Our programs are child-centred, stimulating and provides opportunities for enhancing and extending each child's learning and development. Supporting and promoting the dignity and the rights of each child. 

The five core pillars included in our Start Healthy Education Program are: 

- Mindfulness

- Healthy Eating

- Protective Behaviours

- Sustainability Practices

- Physical Activity

Throughout the year, we introduce concepts that support children's learning such as oral health, kindness and cultural diversity.


Aligned with National Quality Framework, the fundamental principles in our programs include:

  • Sustainability Practices NQS 3.2.3

  • Healthy Eating NQS 2.1.3

  • Physical Activity NQS 2.1.3

  • Mindfulness, Kindness and Positive Values NQS 5.2.1 and 5.2.2

  • Protective Behaviour Education NQS 2.2.3


We promote embedding practice in centres and provide opportunity for critical reflection which aligns with "Exceeding" themes of Australian Early Years Learning Framework and National Quality Standards

How we can support you in being an Exceeding Service: 

1. Meaningful Engagement and Collaborative Partnerships
with families

It takes a village to raise a child!


The Start Healthy Education Program’s comprehensive pack assists your centre’s routines; we will provide you with a daily reflection to upload to your family communication platform, saving you time.

We provide monthly family resources to equip parents with strategies with instilling these healthy and positive habits in their home environment. 


Another exceeding practice tool we will provide you with is the ‘Family Feedback’ survey. Seeking deeper insights into your family’s aspirations and creating reciprocal and ongoing relationships to provide a higher quality of service that is responsive to the needs of the children, families and your community.

2. Stand out in your community

​The Start Healthy Education Program will provide you with marketing materials to promote how your centre is improving outcomes for children by valuing physical education, health and well-being. This is a high-quality, value-added incursion that will assist the with retention of families and increase enrolments.

3. Practice is Embedded

The Start Healthy Education’s high-quality program, in conjunction with the supplied extended learning resources for educators to embed into your curriculum across the whole service. The resources will assist your service to demonstrate a consistent and embedded level of exceeding practice in meeting the developmental needs of your children in areas of health and well-being.

4. Exceeding Practice

The Start Healthy Education Program will provide you with a Critical Reflection Template to self-assess, question and analyse practice. This high-quality tool will support the team to make well-informed decisions and plans to consider changes to practice and curriculum. Giving opportunity for feedback to enhance the service to reach exceeding Levels.

Another great tool we will provide is a Children’s Critical Reflection Meeting Template. The child’s voice is at the heart of our program and this document in addition to the family and educator feedback will enable us to tailor the program to suit your family’s needs and also provide the centre with the opportunity to evidence your embedded exceeding practices, improvements and add them to your ever-evolving QIP.




"Health Empower has helped us improve our rating and assessment area for healthy eating, exercise and parents knowledge too."



"Start Healthy’s positive impact on our centre has been immense. Start Healthy offers us information for our quality improvement plan has been amazing. The introduction of fruits and vegetables and teaching children on the healthy and correct way of eating is exciting and fun!"



Esmee has offered programs to our children on a fortnightly basis since we opened in 2018. Esmee is such a bright and bubbly person to engage with and has been an asset to our service since the beginning. The children (and their parents) have thoroughly enjoyed participating in this program that teaches about healthy eating habits, physical activity and protective behaviours.



I love the content of the Start Healthy programs and the children’s engagement.

I believe it has an impact on the children’s learning and the positive response from them.

I would absolutely recommend it to other childcare centres and early childhood providers.



"The children are engaged through the Start Healthy program and always learn something new about an active lifestyle.

Parents have provided positive feedback including children now being able to identify fruits and vegetables while shopping!"



"Miss Esmee has a friendly interaction with the children, engaging them in fun and active experiences. Thank you for helping our children understand what it means to be active and the importance of eating healthy. We love having you here at our service."

Our monthly learnings for children are carefully curated from significant National and Global events! 

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