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About Us

Health Empower was founded by husband and wife, Jeff and Esmee in 2017. 

Through their own personal experiences, coupled with supporting their daughter's mental health journey, they were inspired to make a positive difference to children and families - empowering them to lead positive and healthy lives with a lifetime impact. 

Jeff and Esmee have three beautiful children, aged between 5 to 19.


Together, they are passionate about cultivating a connected, healthy and happy family, and supporting other families to thrive too!

Jeff and Esmee are experts in Family Well-being and have supported families across Western Australia. 

They measure their success by the number of people they can positively impact. 

If you would like to find out more about creating connected, healthier and happier families - get in touch with us!

Launching our family well-being course in 2024.

Join our waitlist and be the first to find out when it is available. 


Esmee Ng

Chief Executive Officer

Esmee Ng is a Well-being expert for children and families and has over 16 years experience. 

She was acknowledged as LinkedIn Top 20 Voices Australia 2020 for her influence on mental health, self-care and parenting strategies. 

She was recognised on International Women's Day 2021 by Department of Communities for her impact in our community. 

Esmee has delivered extensive Well-being workshops for government, not-for-profit and early childhood services including Department of Communities, TAFE, Public Sector Commission, Wanslea and Australian Childcare Alliance WA. 

She has a strong interest in supporting and inspiring children, families and professionals to be their best self through improved health and well-being and leading positive and purposeful lives.


Esmee regularly shares her insights and knowledge on positive psychology through her coaching and workshops.


She is an advocate of applying positive psychology tools for children development, parenting and leadership environments. 

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Jeffrey Tan

Health Advisor

Jeffrey Tan has extensive parenting experiences due to being the primary carer and father of 3 children.


He is a strong mental health advocate and passionate in encouraging people to step up and seek professional help if they are facing difficulties. He loves discussing about the joy and challenges of fatherhood.


He is a very keen sportsperson having completed three full Ironman triathlons, countless marathons and have achieved 2nd Dan in both Karate and Taekwondo. He is a qualified Nutritionist and currently undertaking Master of Counselling. 

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